dear visitors and fellow photographers,

a picture a day is a project by kikkerbillen where we show a new picture from everyday life – every day.

you are kindly invited to join the project ­­and to be our guest for a week!

send us some pictures out of your photographic collection (seven, at least – but we’d rather have the chance to choose) – whatever you may find may interesting, fascinating, adorable, or on the contrary side of life – however: worth showing. together with the pictures send us your name, a few words about and maybe a title for the series and and a url to which we can link during your guestweek.

something to consider: apictureaday is a non-profit, artistic project. and to be absolutely honest: yes, we reserve our option to reject suggested work.

another detail: please make sure, that you have the right to publish the pictures and grant us according approval.

please contact us at post[at] for further details – we are eagerly awaiting your contributions.

best regards from cologne/germany,

the ‘a picture a day’ team

and please go ahead and spread the word if you like – you’d be most welcome!

a picture a day was a project by kikkerbillen | copyright by kikkerbillen unless otherwise noted