This week’s guest at a picture a day is Los Angeles based French photographer Camille Lévêque with excerpts from her series Paper Baby (see here and here).

Women under the same roof usually end up aligning on the same cycle I heard. Last year a sort of similar process happened with us all on a spiritual, personal level. Like if everything was meant to evolve in orbit. At the same time Julie was pregnant, our Mom was retiring and selling the family publishing house, Anna and I were opening ours and publishing our first art book. Antoine was on his first movie. We were all walking large significant steps, strongly embracing new paths on both our personal and professional lives. And it felt a little bit like these commitment were asking so much from us that we were growing together yet apart from each other. This year has been a key year on various levels, and I find no coincidence, no oddity in the unraveling of a very symbolic year for us all, where we celebrated the commemoration of the genocide for its hundredth year and the appearance of Oscar in our lives forever. The first born of our next generation. Things have been running in circles blending with each other in a smooth harmony, very natural, mystical almost. Oddity is that there was no roof we shared, not even borders. We were living in unison thousands of miles apart.