This week’s guest at APAD is Fábio M. Roque from Lisbon, Portugal with some pictures from his series Redemption.
Fábio, born and still based in Lisbon, studied photography at I.P.F. (Portuguese Institute of Photography) and later attended the workshop of History of Photography Contemporary at Ar.Co., Lisbon 2010. His work being mainly documentary, he recently discovered a passion for a more personal kind of photography. Fábio already had several solo exhibitions. Lately, Fábio began collaborating with the Collective Phos (which again regularly collaborates with the online platform “A Viagem dos Argaunautas“.)

Redemption is a photographic project that is based on a discontinued narrative, which may seem confusing. However, is quite simple, it is a personal reflection of my journey to the present day. So it’s definitely a autobiographical project, but not only that, I tried to build a memory, a register of my recent journey as an individual, and also as an individual within a society as complex as ours. So it is a project that can be approached from different angles, but reflect contradictory topics as faith, death, sex and loneliness. The present images has been taken between 2005 and 2013..